The tours offered by Kazakhstan Tours are subject to the travel conditions as described below.

Booking and reservation
You can book a tour by filling in the application form at this website, and email or send it to us.
You can also book by phone (++31 23 700 12 22), but in that case we need to receive your written confirmation (the filled in application form) within five days.

Realization of a group tour
Our group tours require a minimum number of participants, as mentioned with every group tour. As we cooperate with other travel agencies chances of cancellation are small. In case we do have to cancell, you will be notified at least 28 days in advance of the start of the tour.

We reserve the right to adjust published tour prices in case we are forced to do so because of changes in the cost of accommodations and/or transfers. Also we are not responsible for any existing printing mistakes in tour prices.

Fees for reservations and changes
We don’t charge them.

Payment conditions
After your booking we send you an invoice for the total travel sum. Within seven days after receiving the invoice you should make us a prepayment of 15% of the total travel sum to our bank account. The remaining sum should be paid to us not later than six weeks before departure.

We are a member of the GGTO, a Dutch Guarantee Fund. In case we cannot fullfill our financial obligations towards the customer, they can revert to this Fund. For every booking we charge €15/ USD20 on behalf of the GGTO Fund.

Cancellation conditions
Being a small company we work based on mutual trust. In case of a cancellation for valid reasons by the customer we will try to repay the complete sum paid to us. In case we had to make expenses those will be deducted from the repayment. In case a problem arising we will do our best to solve this with the customer personally.

For Kazakhstan Tours and it’s an honour to offer you a tour, and it’s our duty to carry out this tour according to your and our expectations.
However, it could be possible that due to climatic, political or other external factors we have to deviate from the original travel plan or a planned accommodation. In such cases we’ll do out best to offer you alternative conditions of no less quality than those originally planned.
Because these external factors are beyond our control and that of our partners, we do not accept any liability for them.