Tour Calendar 2018

Tour calendar 2018

last changes on 29.07.2018

This tour calendar 2018 can used in these ways: it shows dates for group tours to a.o. special events in Kazakhstan in 2018. Secondly, when you are with at least two persons and wish to invite fellow travellers to your preferred tour on your preferred dates, we will show your tour on this page. Finally, in case you are a solo-travellers looking for fellow travellers we can (discretely) show your request here.

Group Tours
October 7-12, six day program to manned MS-09 Baikanur Launch guided by Jakob Terweij. First applicants, still places available.
* dates for Baikanur launches may change during 2018

Travellers looking for fellow-travellers
1. Solo traveller (f) from The Netherlands looking for travel companions in the period September 1-22. Start in Kyrgystan to visit the Nomad Games September 3-9, onwards to be determined but definitely including Uzbekistan.
2. Dutch couple, English speaking, is looking for travel companions for their 25-day tour Enormous Variety in Central Asia in September 2018.
3. Solo traveller (m) looking for travel companion(s) to travel the four day tour trip from Almaty between September 23 and October 6.
4. Solo traveller (f) looking for travel companions in Almaty region in September for a tour.
5. Dutch couple looking for travel companions during their Green Ring Almaty tour August 25-30.
6. Father and son from UK looking for travelling companions in autumn 2018 for 21-day trip to Aral Sea.