Tour Calendar 2019

Tour calendar 2019

last changes on 20.02.2019

It is possible to include your own, individual tour in our tour calendar. The condition is that you have booked the tour. In case other travellers sign up you will receive a discount from us that has been agreed upon in advance.

April 19-23, five-days program to the Almaty Marathon. Participation in the marathon of the half marathon is not obliged. Open number of participants, tour is guaranteed.

May 5-11, seven days tour to the Ultra Trail Running Event nearby Almaty. Participation in the Ultra Trail Event is not obliged. Open number of participants, tour is guaranteed. (Data may be slightly altered).

May 11-24
, fourteen days Wilderness Tour in Central Kazakhstan, searching for the Saiga antilope and other flora and fauna. Only 5-7 participants allowed!

May 17-24, couple from Canada is looking for travel companions for their 8-day tour (flights included) Green Ring Almaty.

June 1-9, nine days Space Tour to Moscow, guided by Jakob Terweij, 10-18 participants. Price €1,470 per person ex. the international flights. More information at

July 2-7 six-day program to the Soyuz Launch MS-12 from Baikanur, led by Jakob Terweij. Maximum number of participants is 20. Beware: tour dates will change in case the launch will be postponed. Start and finish in Astana. Ten participants per 20.02.2019.