Why Kazakhstan?

Why Kazakhstan?

A good question!
First of all, every country is unique and worth a visit.

Unlike the neighboring countries of Uzbekistan (‘Silk Route and old cities’) and Kyrgyzstan (‘nomads and nature’), the touristic potential of Kazakhstan is less easy to interpret. The country is many times larger than these neighbours and therefore the variation in nature is also greater. With Kyrgyzstan it shares a nomadic history and culture. The outward characteristics of the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz are also very similar. The biggest difference with the small neighbor is that Kazakhstan, through the enormous reserves of natural resources and good economic governance, has undergone an enormous prosperity development. This is different in the poorer Kyrgyzstan, which has a much lesser amount of natural resources.

But what makes Kazakhstan unique and worth a visit? In our opinion, the essence is ‘variation and adventure’:
– the vastness and emptiness of the land, where you will find more sheep and horses than people
futuristic architecture in the new capital Astana
– visible Soviet history, including architecture, Gulag camps and the Baikanur Space Center
– the mix of peoples and their distinct cultures whilst living in harmony with each other; apart from ethnic Kazakhs (about two-thirds) many Russians, Uzbeks, Uiguren, Koreans etc. live in Kazakhstan, often as a result of deportations by Stalin.
– the wide variety of landscapes, from semi-desert to steppe and high mountains on the relatively small area of Almaty province, which makes it easy to explore in a short period
– the possibility of completely off-road travel in remote corners such as Mangistau in the west, the Altai Mountains in the east and the Ulytau area in Central Kazakhstan
– the cosmopolitan city Almaty, equipped with all modern conveniences and beautifully situated at the foot of the high mountains
– in the summer the still visible nomadic life in the border areas with Kyrgyzstan
– the history of the Silk Route in the form of buildings and ruins in the south near the border with Uzbekistan
– the unspoilt nature and the lack of mass tourism
– Kazakhstan is a safe country to travel
– finally, from January 2017, many countries’ citizins can travel without a visa in Kazakhstan for visits up to 30 days!

Why Kazakhstan with us?

Again a good question!
– firstly, the owner of Kazakhstan Tours has lived there for several years and has visited numerous times, he knows the country inside out. That is why we can help you with your individual program, especially when you want it tailor-made
– several (Dutch) TV programs make use of our services & knowledge, in Kazakhstan and in other countries of Central Asia (The World’s Most Dangerous Roads and ‘3 op Reis’, both already twice)
– we have built up a network of excellent guides and drivers together with our local partners
– read the testimonials of our customers!
– we are affiliated with the Dutch GGTO Guarantee Fund so your tour is guaranteed also in the case of our (not expected) insolvency

Central Astana

Charyn Canyon