Theme Tours

Theme Tours


individual tour – 6 days – adventurous – for experienced travellers

Nightmares from the USSR

A tour for people with an ‘unhealthy’ interest in the former USSR, and especially in its atrocities. This program is new, unusual and packed with excursions to memories to the USSR, foremost the labour camps and nucleair test sites. Not for the faint of heart!



individual tour – 5 days – adventurous – reasonably good physical shape recommended

Five day Trekking nearby Almaty

The starting point of this trek is the Turgen Valley at 90 kms from Almaty. You will spend five days in the remote mountains of the Northern Tian Shan Range. The highest pass to cross is at an altitude of 3,850 meters. Accommodation in tents. Prices from €475 p.p.



individual tour – 5 days – 2 cities – extensions possible

Architecture in Astana and Almaty

A short tour (five days) to get to know the two main cities of Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty, resp. the new- and the old capital. The differences are amazing, with only the Soviet period connecting the two. Prices from €625 per person.



individual and group tour – 5 days – partner program possible

Almaty Marathon Tour Package

Five day tour Package to the eight Almaty Marathon (distances 10kms and 21 kms also possible). Which should have been held on April 19, 2020…. We hope the event will take place again in 2021! Included are also two days of excursions in Almaty City and Charyn Canyon.


tengri 7

individual and group tour – 6 days – partner program is possible

Ultra-Trail Marathon nearby Almaty

For the sixth time it would have been organized, in 2020, the Almaty Ultra-Trail Marathon, held in a hilly steppe landscape at 90 kms from Almaty. With running distances of 15, 35 and 70 kms. Tour dates were May 9-14 including the two-day event itself plus a cultural program in and around Almaty. We hope the Event will take place again in 2021, dates follow later. The toughest of our sports tours in Kazakhstan! Prices from €475 p.p.



individual and group tour – 6 days – group tour led by specialist Jakob Terweij

Rocket Launch from Baikanur

Our most popular group tours in Kazakhstan! You will witness a manned Soyuz rocket launche from Baikanur, led by Dutch specialist Jakob Terweij. In 2021 we offer another tour, from December 4-9 to the launch of MS-20! Beware, dates may change somewhat. Cost indication €2,200 ex. flights.



group tour – 12 days – adventurous – for experienced travellers

Wilderness Tour in Central Kazakhstan

A 14-day group tour in the in the Central Kazakh steppe enjoying the flora and fauna, including observing the remarkable Saiga Antilope. A new and unique project in the country. Tour dates for May 2021 will be announced later. Start and finish in Astana. Price-indication €2,150 p.p. Finally, it is also possible to book an individual (and shorter) saiga-tour between May-September!