Wilderness Tour in Central Kazakhstan

Wilderness Tour in Central Kazakhstan

A steppe adventure with local specialists
Free camping in the Kazakh steppe

It is also possible to book an individual (and shorter) saiga-tour between May-September!

Highlights of this Safari in Kazakhstan:
– the immeasurable and empty Kazakh steppe
– encounters with the Saiga Antilope
– overnight in the steppe
– the modern city of Astana
– expert guidance by local specialists

A road trip through the endless steppe of Central Kazakhstan with local biologists, to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the steppe. This program was established only recently and very few foreigners have undertaken this tour. A true pioneers trip! Start and finish are in Astana.

A visa is not necessary for a visit of up to 30 days to Kazakhstan for most countries.

You can read more about highlights and practical advise on travelling in Kazakhstan here.

Day 1 – Astana

Accommodation in a hotel in Astana.
You have leisure time or can book an optional excursion in the city. 

Day 2 – Korgalzhyn Lake area

Transfer to the lake area and excursion.
6 am – departure from Astana, a breakfast will be organized by the way with in a nature site along the road and will be provided with fruits, sandwiches, coffee and tea. There are 5 hours’ drive with a highway road and 2,5 within a field road where we already can observe some wildlife by the way.

Day 3 – Travel to Field  

Korgalzhyn to ACBK’s ungulates center at the Altyn Dala reservat.

2 pm – expected time of arriving to the Amangeldy town, lunch.

6 pm – arriving to the ACBK Ungulate Reintroduction Centre. The Centre is based at the area of Altyn Dala nature reservat and we will cross and observe the protected area. Expected that first big groups of saiga will be observed at that part of the itinerary. Excursion around the centre after the arrival is planned.

8 pm – dinner and overnight at the centre. Centre has two bedrooms, we will do camping at the area, there is also garden toilet and shower and sauna.

Day 4 – Field Day visiting the ACBK Alty Sai Ecological Park

8 am – breakfast at the center.

9 am – departure to the trip to some sites of the ecological park. Will be accompanied with a group of ACBK’s rangers. Will observe a forest of Elaeagnus trees, high chance to meet Roe deer.

1 – 3 pm – arriving to the Karasu village, lunch at the local house.

3 pm – 6 pm – vising village Karasu, excursion to the local school, meeting local kid’s nature club.

8 pm – dinner and overnight at guest house in the Karasu village.

Day 5 – Field Day Visiting Ecological park Alty Sai and Irgiz Torgay reservat

8 am – breakfast at the guest house.

9 am – 5 pm – visiting another part of the park and the reservat with lakes and birds, visiting nesting platforms for steppe eagle, will trying to observe also wolf which is always difficult.  Lunch in the field.

7 pm – dinner and overnight at the guest house in the Karasu village.

Day 6 – Field Day , Travel to Naurzum Nature Reserve

9 am – breakfast at the guest house and depature the the Naurzum reserve (5-6 hours drive) with a lunch by the way. Arriving to the nature reserve area during an afternoon. Visiting office of the reserve and their museum, meeting staff.

8 pm – dinner and overnight at the area of Naurzum reserve at a small hotel at a ranger station, camping is also possible.

Day 7 – Field Day . Naurzum Nature Reserve (Saryarka Natural World Heritage Site)

 8 am breakfast at the hotel. Departure for whole day trip around the area of the reserve. There is part of the area with lakes where we will observe water birds, than will visit an old pine forest. Lunch will be provided at the field.

Dinner and overnight at the same hotel at the ranger station.

Day 8 – Return travel to Astana

6 am – breakfast and earlier morning departure from Naurzum nature reserve to Kostanay. Taking flight to Astana at 12.25 am, arriving to Astana at 13.45. Arriving to the hotel, leisure time. End of the tour.

The indication of the cost of this safari in Kazakhstan is €1,950 p.p., the group size is 5-10 persons.

Included in the offer are:
– all accommodations, in double rooms
– all transfers in Kazakhstan including the domestic flight
– services of an English language guide
– all meals outside Astana, including drinks and snacks

Not included in the offer are the international flight tickets and all services not mentioned.
Finally we will withhold €9 per person for the Dutch GGTO Travel Guarantee Fund.

It is possible to extend your individual program before or after the group tour.



    Astana, Central Kazakhstan


    group tour 2024 from May 27 – June 3, individual tours May-September


    indication €1,950 p.p. excl. the international flights


    8 days

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