Rocket Launch from Baikanur

Rocket Launch from Baikanur

Six day programs to all manned launches from Baikanur!

We offer a 6-day program guided by Dutch specialist on Russian Space History, Jakob Terweij! This program is packed with interesting excursions at the Cosmodrome and in Baikanur City, all explained by Jakob. More information at Tour dates for 2019 are July 2-7 (to MS-13). Dates will change when the launching date changes!

Please realise that the territory of Baikanur though situated in Kazakhstan is under Russian control. A Russian visa is not needed however.
Disclaimer: the Russian authorities may decide even at a late moment not to give a permission (unlikely), or a launch can be postponed.
You may also visit Baikanur at other times, please write to for more information and an offer.

Tour program for 6-day tour to witness Baikanur manned launch MS-13, planned for July 6, 2019.

Tour program*
changes may occur depending on decisions of the Baikanur authorities and all mentioned flight times may change.

Day 1, July 2
Arrival in Astana, usually at night (please note you may decide to arrive earlier in Astana, we will book extra hotel nights for you)
Accommodation in hotel Kazzhol 4*
City tour (4 hours) with the group.
Astana has been the capital of the country since 1998 and international top architects, including the British star architect Norman Foster, have built the most modern buildings here.
You can see Astana’s landmark, Bayterek, a 97-meter-high observation tower with the golden egg of Samruk, the “Tree of Life”, Norman Foster’s Pyramid “Palace of Peace and Harmony”, and the largest mosque donated by the Emir of Qatar. Leisure time.

Day 2, July 3
Transfer to the airport
Flight Astana – Kyzylorda at later determined time.  Arrival in Kyzylorda, continuation by bus to Baikonur. Transfer to hotel Zentralnaya. Leisure time.

Day 3, July 4
Today, you watch the Soyuz  rocket being moved from the Hall to the Launch Site No. 112 (an excursion of 4-4,5 hours.).
Transfer to the Launch Site № 1, here the rockets are mounted, then driven to the Soyuz assembly Hall No. 112. (the assembly-l and the test environment)
– Transfer to Launch Site 2, which is the Museum of the Baikonur Cosmodrome – there are many interesting exhibits, such as the suit of Gagarin, in which he flew, the radio system with which Korolyov spoke to him. Jakob will explain much about the space travel of yesterday and today.
– A visit to the Buran museum. Nearby are two small houses, one in which Gagarin stayed after his space flight, in the other one Koroljow lived for 9 years.
– Transfer to Launch Site No. 41 where Marshall Nedelin is buried.

Day 4, July 5
Visit of the museum for the history of Baikonur City. With simple means, people begun here building the world’s first ‘Earth Orbit railway station’. There are many photos, models of various spaceships and installations, and many other things. After this visit you will have a good general picture of Baikonur.
Return to the city. Leisure.

Day 5, July 6
Today you will visit the Tschelomej School.
Transfer to Launching Platform No. 254.
Then the cosmonauts come out, report that they are ready for the start. There is a classic speech. The cosmonauts say, “Ready for the start” and the head of the state commission says: “Good luck!”. Then the cosmonauts immediately go into the bus..
Transfer to Launch Site N2 and watching the Start.
Return to the hotel and one more night of accommodation.

Day 6, July 7
At 05:30 AM transfer to the border point in Baikonur and continue by bus to Kyzylorda Airport.
Flight Kyzlorda –Astana at designated time, usually around noon. Transfer from Astana Airport to the city. End of services. Optional and individual program in Astana or in Almaty is possible.



Prices are indications and may vary slightly per launch.

For the six-day program the costs are €1,885 per person. The number of participants for tour, guided by Dutch specialist Jakob Terweij, is 14-20
Groups are put together internationally, you can register individually.
Included in the offer are:
– four nights at Hotel Zentralnaya in Baikanur, accommodation only and in double rooms; 1,5 nights in 4* hotel Kazzhol in Astana on the basis of bed & breakfast
– transfers Kyzlorda-Baikanur-Kyzlorda by train or bus
– transfer hotel-airport in Astana on day 2 with the group
– excursions as mentioned in the program o.l.v. Jakob Terweij.
– the permission to visit Baikanoer. This must be requested by us at least 45 days before the launch! For this we need a copy (scan) of your passport.

Not included are international airline tickets, airline tickets Astana-Kyzlorda-Astana (estimated € 150-200 total), lunches and dinners, single supplement in the hotels in Astana & Baikanur (€ 125 total), breakfast in Baikanur, individual transfers in Astana and the services not mentioned.
Finally we charge € 15 per booking for the Dutch GGTO Guarantee Fund



Kyzlorda, Baikanur


1-6 April and 2-7 July, 2019


€1,885 per person


 6 days