• What a lovely experience this trip was! So well-organized and so nice. We have enjoyed it enormously. We met very warm people and made new friends. It has been a very valuable experience for our son, and we hope he will cherish the memory. It gave a nice feeling to know that everywhere someone was waiting for us; moreover, they were very helpful every time. The guides and the interpreter were fine. Kazakhstan is a beautiful country with breathtaking nature and architecture. In short, here are satisfied and happy travelers! We think it’s definitely worth repeating, there is still so much to see in beautiful Kazakhstan. Many thanks for taking care!
    Best regards, Family Deschauwer-Brackeva from Belgium on their tour of two weeks in Astana, Aktau & surroundings, South Kazakhstan and Almaty & surroundings in March-April 2016.


    Hi Ardjan, the hike was awesome, everything went well and we were very satisfied with our guide Denis. The only small complaint we would have, that the daily tours are not very long, we did reach camp 2 and 3 after 2 hours of hiking. Lucky we could do some hikes from the camps.Considering that all food had to be carried on the mountain, the dishes prepared by Denis and Natalia were very good.We will definitely recommend you to our hiking friends here in Dubai, but I will tell them to ask for a little more challenging tour. Thank you again for organizing the trip. Greetings from hot and dusty Dubai, Sonja.
    Sonja Augle from Germany, living in Dubai, on her seven-day trek for two persons in the Zailisky Alatau Mountains nearby Almaty in July 2015.

    Hello Ardjan, sorry that I was not in time to your question I can answer, but traveling around Kazakhstan also meant completely detached from the outside world, without internet and often without telephone access; Delicious! I want you to know that we have enjoyed our tour, it was a fantastic experience and we have seen many beautiful things along the way. Everything was neatly arranged, and the guide and drivers have us pampered and well taken care of us. In short, we are very satisfied with the organization and support of our tour. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the warm welcome of our places to stay and the hospitality of the locals. And what a difference between Astana and the rest of Kazakhstan. Fortunately, we were able to see the real Kazakhstan. Thanks again for everything and want to pass on the compliments to Mustafa, Mischa and Dima. Greetings, Diana.
    Diana Schouten from The Netherlands on her five-day trip in Almaty region for 11 persons in October 2015.

    We had a great three-day trip with Sergey and have seen incredible things. The camp was very cold (Sergey also caught a cold), but a special experience. We were pleased that the Assy plateau at last was added to the schedule.
    Today we are back in the Netherlands landed after 15 days in Kazakhstan. I want to thank you for arranging a memorable trip in the Almaty region and will also recommend your services to friends.
    Remco Dekkers from The Netherlands on his three-day trip in the Almaty region for two persons in August 2015.

    Dear Ardjan, we are back in the Netherlands. Our holiday in Kazakhstan was beautiful, of course, thanks to the journey mapped out by you. The trip was a variation in nature, culture and history. We have seen and done so much, it is difficult to name a highlight. The surreal Astana with the background history of the Gulag. Turkistan and surroundings with its mausoleums and excavations. The nature of Aksu-Zhabagly with the guide Rustum’s stories about Kazakh traditions. And the finish in Almaty with a visit to Charyn Canyon and a round of ice skating at the Medeo rink! We were lucky that the rink was opened Saturday for the first time!
    The whole journey has been well cared for. Everywhere we went we were met by a driver and a guide. Who then brought us anywhere. Only in Kyzylorda, the transfer went wrong. The travel agency in Almaty felt very unhappy about it and gave us a beautiful gift basket made of local products. Incidentally, this was not necessary! In Aksu-Zhabagly one day of excursions was cancelled because of the rain. We therefore visited the museum and took it easy that day.
    All in all we had a top holiday. If you would like to know whether we still have improvements, we would be able to name two:
    – Sun City Hotel Almaty: The hotel is fine but service is poor. Perhaps they were not interested in tourists by the end of the season. We had two adjoining rooms (105 and 106). On two occasions we were able to shower lukewarm, otherwise the shower was cold. This we have stated several times at the reception. There has never offered a solution. Once they had forgotten our breakfast, this was resolved immediately.
    – Tour to Charyn Canyon: you proposed to make a it two-day excursion from Almaty. We wanted an extra day in Almaty. In retrospect, we understand why it is better to make it a two-day excursion from Almaty. We needed 8 hours of travel time to visit the Canyon and back. The roads are not always good and there is much road construction going on. I would for that reason recommend a two-day trip and discourage one-day trips. Then (stubborn) people can always decide otherwise. Incidentally, the Canyon was fantastic, so well worth the visit! Thanks also to everyone in Kazakhstan who made our trip a success.
    Greetings Nel, Ruud, Sjoerd and Femke from The Netherlands, on their 10-day trip in Astana, South Kazakhstan and Almaty in October 2015.

    Hello Ardjan, by now it has been over a week ago but the fantastic experience of Kazakhstan is still in our heads. The trip was impressive; the nature is sometimes overwhelming and the people are generally most friendly. We have experienced land, nature and culture in many guises and various variations, which was also very useful in the meetings last week about the launch of an EU project there.
    In short, the program was top, the guides good (professional, communicative, punctual), everywhere we were greeted nicely and everything went according to the book.
    Belavia is “to do” in itself. Legroom ok, food really bad (recommendation: take a tasty meal salad or similar along) the wait in Minsk is long and there is not much to do (tip invest USD20 pp for a a sleeping cabine, or a little more for accessing the business lounche). In Almaty we were an hour after boarding still waiting for departure, without any explanation and care.
    Final conclusion: had a perfect holiday, thank you. Greetings Ben
    Ben Zengerink from The Netherlands on his 17-day trip for two persons to Astana, Almaty & region and South Kazakhstan in July-August 2015.

    Dear Ardjan, last Tuesday we came back after a wonderful journey through Kazakhstan. Beautiful scenery, interesting history, fascinating towns and lots of friendly and hospitable people. Everything was well organized: each arrival was someone waiting for us with a form on which was written in large letters “Mr. Mulder.” Sometimes there was still “+ 2 persons” at, but obviously, they are used to put men first and Harry was regarded as pater familias. Moreover, Harry was also served the first tea usually!
    The guides and drivers were all very nice people who spoke with great knowledge and enthusiasm about their country and attempted to answer our questions as best as possible.
    But the message of us being vegetarians had been lost somewhere in the cosmos between the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, because nobody was aware of it. Too bad for us, but also for the hostesses who suddenly and quickly had to arrange something without meat.
    All in all it was a fantastic trip and we thank you very much for arranging it.
    Sincerely, Harry, Anne and Ineke from the Netherlands, about their 20-day trip to the Aral Sea in May-June 2015.

    We had a wonderful time, also the weather was nice. Everything went very smoothly, accommodation met our expectations, guides and drivers always there, active and willing to make our time interesting. Good vehicles and clean, if I really have to say something only the last part in Kazakhstan the vehicles were not the best in the world…… But we really didn’t mind and actually the place is beautiful.Thank you for organizing our trip in all the details!
    Marilena Cappelli, living in Kazakhstan, on her family tour in Uzbekistan and South Kazakhstan in October 2014.

    We really enjoyed it! I thought it was a great country. Beautiful nature, special culture. Furthermore, it was well organized by you. Fine guides and good drivers. Excellent locations also the accommodations, especially the homestay in Saty I found quite amazing. So thanks for all the efforts on your part!
    Hanneke Bol from The Netherlands on her round tour of two weeks with a friend in Kazakhstan in September 2014

    We are back at hotel Otrar in Almaty after 6 wonderful glorious days out enjoying the best of Almaty’s surrounding nature and beauty. I want to drop you an email to let you know we have had a wonderful time thus far. Dima has been the best driver, guide, travel companion, translator to us and we recommend his services greatly!He helped us to find a pharmacy even at 3 AM, showed us amazing sights, unforgettable experiences. He read us very well and quickly understood what we liked and was mindful to make the arrangements to suit us. His help to translate for us was phenomenal and we met many wonderful Kazakhstani people. We are very appreciative of that.Thank you also to you, Ardjan for getting this trip so quickly organised for us. It has been so far our best memories of Kazakhstan. I love the mountains and hope to return to do a horse ride to Issyk-Kul from Saty one day.
    Marina and Syed, living in Kazakhstan, on their 6-day tour in Almaty Province in June 2014.

    Dear Ardjan, I had a chance to debrief with my colleague about the trip last week and his one word description was “awesome!!!”He, and the kids really, really enjoyed almost every aspect of the trip.
    The guide, Bagdad, was praised on many levels. He had strong language skills and was able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for Kazakhstan in a way that was accessible to the kids. He was also willing to offer help and advice on places to eat.
    Overall, this was a super successful trip and we look forward to repeating it again next spring.
    Thank you for all your help and patience as we worked through the logistics of this trip, and the one back in October.
    Peter Parker, from the Dostyk American International School in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, on a 4-day trip for students to Almaty and to Charyn Canyon in April 2014.