Rocket Launch from Baikanur

Rocket Launch from Baikanur

Offering 3-day and 6-day programs to manned launches as well as tours at other moments.

We offer a 6-day program guided by Dutch specialist on Russian Space History, Jakob Terweij! This program is packed with interesting excursions at the Cosmodrome and in Baikanur City, all explained by Jakob. More information at Tour dates are June 1-6.

AS PER FEBRUARY 2018 unfortunately we stop offering the tours to Baikanur because of the excessive prices that Roscosmos demands, doubling the price for the 3-day program. We have this situation will only be temporary.
We organize three-day trips to all manned Baikanur launches with start and finish in Almaty. (You may also start in another Kazakh city and join in Kyzlorda). There are four manned launches every year and for 2018 these dates are scheduled as per January 2018: 15.03 Soyuz МS-08 (manned), 06.06 Soyuz МS-09 (manned), 10.07 Progress МS-09, 14.09 Soyuz МS-10 (manned), 11.10 Progress МS-10 en 15.11 Soyuz МS- 11 (manned).

Please realise that the territory of Baikanur though situated in Kazakhstan is under Russian control. A Russian visa is not needed however.
Disclaimer: the Russian authorities may decide even at a late moment not to give a permission (unlikely), or a launch can be postponed.
You may also visit Baikanur at other times, please write to for more information and an offer.

The 3-day program outlined below is our standard program to all manned launches at Baikanur. Exact times will depend on flight times to and from Kyzlorda on the specific dates.

In addition we offer the following 6-day program:

Tour program*
changes may occur depending on decisions of the Baikanur authorities and all mentioned flight times may change.

Day 1
Arrival in Baikonur and transfer to Hotel Studencheskaja. There is a flight Astana-Kyzlorda at 07:25, arrival 09:00. Or from Almaty at 08:05, arrival 09:50. From Kyzlorda transfer onwards by bus or train to Baikanur in some four hours. Accommodation.

Day 2
Breakfast – always at the Hotel Studencheskaya. Excursion program including:
Transfer to the launching platform #112 and observation as the “Soyuz” rocket is driven out of the hall to the launching platform  (which takes 4-4,5 hours)
-Museum of the Cosmodrome Baikonur history
-Memorial houses of J.Gagarin and S.Korolev, there also the Buran spaceship is stored.
Return to the city.

Day 3
Excursions to Baikonur Museum, a short city tour, Cheelomej Space School.

Day 4
Transfer to the Launching Platform # 112, the assembly and test system (sometimes not approved)
Transfer to SP Launching Platform # 250 with the Energiya-Buran.
(the excursions may be changed when we have information that the sites mentioned cannot be visited. In that case a comparable program will be offered)

Day 5
– Press Conference (if allowed to visit)
– exit of the Cosmonauts from Hotel Cosmonaut,
Transfer to Launching Platform #254,
– Short talk of the Cosmonauts about their willingness to head the
Government commission.
– Transfer to Launching Platform #2. Watching the Start, usually around midnight.

Day 6
Return to the city.
Early transfer to the train station for the return to Kyzlorda. There are flights to Astana at 10:00 with arrival 11:30, and to Almaty at 10:50 with arrival 12:25, or at 19:50 with arrival 21:20. In the latter case the transfer from Baikanur can be made later.
End of program.

Three day program,
Day 1

at 08:05 flight from Almaty to Kyzlorda, arrival at 09:50. Transfer to the train station and train to Baikanur. Arrival in the afternoon. (Train schedule not yet known). Transfer to the city Baikanur and accommodation in hotel Zentralnaya. Leisure time.

Day 2

transfer to Platform no. 254 for the Presentation of the Cosmonauts before the State Committee. Transfer to Platform no. 2 and witnessing the launch. (time not yet known) Return to the hotel and rest. Breakfast. Excursions to the museum of the history of Baikanur, the memorial houses of Y. Gagarin and S. Korolev and a visit to the Buran, the former Russian ‘Space Shuttle’. Return to Baikanur city and accommodation in hotel Zentralnaya.

Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer to the train station to catch the train to Kyzlorda. Transfer to airport for the flight to Almaty of 19:55, arriving at 21:25. End of program.


The 6-day tour to launch MS-09 from June 1-6 is offered at €2,050 per person, with a possible discount of €125-250 when there are enough participants.

Please write to us at info@kazachstanreizen for the tour offer including exact program and price.



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