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Tens of tour programs in Kazakhstan!

For adventurous tours in Kazakhstan this is the right address since 2006.
In addition to group tours we offer many individual tour programs as well. All individual programs are examples of tours and can be adapted to your wishes.
As a result of the devaluation of the Kazakh currency, the Tenge, we could decrease our prices considerably in 2016!

In addition to tours in Kazakhstan we have programs in the Central Asian neighbouring countries as well, have a look at www.centralasia-tours.com.
And since November 2015 we also offer tours in Belarus, see www.tourstobelarus.com




Group Tours

Group tours can be regular tours consisting of a mix of cultural and natural highlights that can be booked as individual programs as well, or special events tours. Travelling dates can be found in the Tour Calendar. All group tours are conducted by local, English speaking guides.



Individual Programs

In addition to the programs offered below we can arrange specialized programs for learning Russian or Kazakh language, felting, cooking, climbing, skiing, ice-skating, mountain biking etc. Please write to info@kazachstanreizen.nl for more information.



Short Trips

Trip for 1-4 days are well-possible, especially from Astana and Almaty. Around Astana one can enjoy the typical Central Kazakh hilly steppe, while in the Almaty region popular destinations include Charyn Canyon, Altyn Emel nature park, Kolsai mountain lakes a.o.



Astana 2017 EXPO

Astana organizes the 2017 EXPO and tickets will be on sale from June 2016.
Kazakhstan Tours is one of the official resellers. You may choose a program on our webpages and combine it with a visit to the EXPO.
The theme of the EXPO is Future Energy and five million visitors are expected.