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Winter holidays are well possible in Kazakhstan; skiing & ice-skating at Almaty, Siberian winter in Astana!

From December-March winter rules in Kazakhstan, yet holidays are well-possible. There are excellent facilities for skiing and ice-skating nearby Almaty, while for those looking forward to experience temperatures up to minus 20-30 Celcius a visit to the north including Astana can be refreshing.

Tourism facilities and infrastructure are improving in Kazakhstan and in 2017 we have no qualms promoting is as an (adventurous) family destination!

In addition to tours in Kazakhstan we have programs in the Central Asian neighbouring countries as well, have a look at www.centralasia-tours.com.
And since November 2015 we also offer tours in Belarus, see www.tourstobelarus.com



Round Tours Culture & Nature

Classical individual tours in Kazakhstan, some of them in combination with  the Central Asian neighbours. In case you wish to make a tour with other travellers please check our tour calendar. It is also possible to promote a tour there with your own preferred travelling dates.


Round Tours with a special Theme

You will find here group tours to special events like the Almaty Marathon and rocket launches at Baikanur, for which you can apply individually. In addition we offer individual tours with special themes like a Wilderness Tour in the Kazakh Steppe and a Mountainbike Tour.



Short Trips

Trip for 1-4 days are well-possible, especially from Astana and Almaty. Around Astana one can enjoy the typical Central Kazakh hilly steppe, while in the Almaty region popular destinations include Charyn Canyon, Altyn Emel nature park, Kolsai mountain lakes a.o.


Sports- and Family Tours

Interested to participate in the Almaty Marathon, an Ultra-Trail Event in the steppe, the Astana Ironman or a Wintersports holidays in Kazakhstan? We offer you a number of sports programs plus –¬† a first in 2018 – a specially designed family tour in Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan for summer.